All Things New

A weekly podcast that shares the teaching ministry of Pastor Ernesto Alaniz.  This includes weekly sermons from Flint City Church, as well as past messages from over 15 years of preaching ministry.  You can subscribe to this podcast on the iTunes Podcast Store.

Claycups Ministries

In 2009, Ernesto and Angela Alaniz moved to India to join a local pastor and his family as they preached Jesus to the villages of India.  The next two years would change them forever.  Revival, persecution, and great loss brought them back to America.  But their love for India caused them to start a ministry that would train and release local pastors into the many villages of India.  Every 18 months, a team accompanies Ernesto back into India to check on the work and encourage the believers.


Flint City Church

In 2015, God called Ernesto and Angela Alaniz to the city of Flint.  They moved there just in time to experience a massive manmade water crisis that captured the attention of the entire nation.  The church began in the Alaniz's living room with just 5 families.  Today over a hundred people call this church their home.  The church family looks alot like Flint.  White, black, and mexican.  Homeless, lower class, and middle class.  All call this family their own, with the blood of Christ as our common bond.  


The Redrum Theatre

"We watch movies.  We love movies.  We were raised by movies."

With this motto, my brother Antonio and I started a brand new podcast talking about the movies that raised us wrong and raised us right.  Being raised by a single mother with no father, we looked to movies to show us what being a man was.  I literally learned to shave watching Lethal Weapon Part 3.  

Every week Antonio and I talk about one of these beloved films and have a great time in the process.