Editing my Life

I love anecdotes.  I don’t know if this comes from meeting so many new people, being a preacher and telling stories to punctuate greater truths… I don’t know.  But that is how I tell stories.  I tell small stories.  It is why I like writing this blog so much.  I take out a little moment in time and use words to give it life.  

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Swing Away

     Someday.  Someday I’ll lose that weight.  Someday I’ll write that novel.   Someday I’ll go back to school.  We say someday the same way that Willy Loman does.  It isn’t real.  It is fake hope covering for a defeated life.

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6 years ago I wrote a book.  That novel has traveled with me from Fenton to Waterford to Flint.  And it has just sat there, unread by the world.  This year I finally picked it up and reread it.  It wasn’t great.  The first act was solid.  But the third act was a mess.  Such a mess in fact, that i was tempted to put the book down forever and just pretend it never happened.  

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