Mic Drop

I have dropped a mic before.  I am talking extended arm, sideways grip, wait a full beat, drop the mic and walk off the stage.  It is an incredible feeling, to say the exact right thing at the exact right time to yield maximum impact.  It can leave an opponent completely speechless, or bring a crowd to their feet in raucous applause.  

Sadly, most mic drops happen at the expense of a foe.  The most applauded and dreamed of mic drops are the ones crushing someone else.  This is literally the only reason I am still on Twitter.  I laugh every time someone turns a phrase to cripple their opponent.  The speed, the cleverness, the precision... these things fascinate a wordsmith like myself.  

Though I watch the firefight, I rarely jump in.  Even when off the internets, I tend not to jump into controversial conversations.  Sometimes, on the way home from such an encounter, I’ll replay the conversation and let loose all the words I held back just twenty minutes earlier.   

Now, this is only partly cowardice on my part.  There is something else staying my hand.  There is a reason I don’t share every opinion I got.  Actually... there are 7 billion reasons.

My goal in life is not to beat people.  Rather, it is to win people.   

“We fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness in this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

It would be easier to fight some idealogical enemy.  To make a democrat or republican the bastion of all evil would be a much easier war.  Honestly, it would be an easier sell.  I could make my tribe afraid of another one and in doing so elevate myself on the back of that conflict.   That would be way more profitable than trying to love the person who believes something completely different than I do.  They may even hate the one in whose name I come.  But I want them to know the love that is changing the world.

So I try to stop this wicked tongue.  I try to remember that many of my most passionate opinions are not a hill worth dying on.  If I went around dying on the hill of the moment, I wouldn’t have any blood left for the actual battle. 

I guess what I am saying is.... stop being so mean to people.  Stop taking stupid stands.  And the stands you do take, take them with loving conviction and a modicum of kindness.  There is enough venom spewing all around us.  Let us not adopt the language of the moment.  It’s easier to be more clever than true.  It’s more applauded to be mean rather than kind.  And it’s more satisfying to win as opposed to having a conversation.  But that is not the way of Jesus.  

His way is still the best way.