Water in the Basement

Winter in Michigan this year has been lamesville.  It started out strong with standing snow through much of November.  But December has been wet and just above freezing.  We have had more sleet than snow, and Christmas had a light dusting that could barely support a snowball. 

This weak winter brings much trouble into Alaniz HQ.  I was aware of a water problem in our basement.  I have been aware of it for 2 years.  It has been getting progressively worse.  After an all night rain I dreaded opening the basement door to see how big the puddle was.  But I endured it.  I have shoes right on the bottom step to walk through the standing water.  I have put all our stuff on shelves and bricks to get it above sea level.  I have managed my life around the problem with surprising patience.   

During the warm days of summer, I had considered investigating the source of the water.  But it required too much effort.  I would have to poke around in corners full of cobwebs.  I’d have to move some of those aforementioned bookshelves.  So I lived with it.  Not only me, but me and the wife and the kids. 

A few times, I have put things on the floor confident that I would move it before the next rain.  But life is full of forgetting, and I have lost more than a few valuables due to water damage.   

On New Year’s Eve it rained all day.  And I awoke to 2019 with the biggest puddle yet.  I stood there the basement steps and stared at the growing wet with great annoyance.  Why was it so warm outside?  I had been operating under the assumption that frozen ground would keep water out, and it’s disobedience left me upset.  A new year.  A new mess.  

But you know what?  It’s not a new mess.  It’s the same mess as last year.  it’s the same mess that i have refused to engage.  I have managed it instead of faced it.  As with much of life, engaging the baggage is much harder than living our lives around it.  But the problem with merely managing is that it’s gonna eventually flood.  Our best laid plans are going to be thwarted.  The only way to stop the water is to find the source of the leak and deal with it.  I have refused during beautiful days when the sun was shinining, and now am forced to work outside when the weather if frightful.   

It’s a new year.  The year I face my crap instead of ignoring it.  I may not be able to stop the leak today, but I am going to find it.  And then I’m gonna seal it.  And if that don’t work, I’ll look for another leak and seal that one too.  That is the theme of my year.  I gotta get this water out of my basement.