Foster Parents

It has been a big year here at Alaniz HQ.  It began with a pregnancy, which ended with yet another miscarriage.  It followed with us making a decision to end our baby making years with surgery.  So... it seemed like our home would never again see a baby come to life.  We mourned the loss, and waved that part of our life goodbye.  

But we live in Flint, MI.  And our city is in the midst of a foster care problem.  There are babies being born and entering into the state’s care, and there are not enough foster families to catch these displaced children.  Hurley Hospital has even put out a call for people to come and hold babies in the NICU so they can know human contact.  

This problem has come into our radar, into our lives, and we took notice.  And we prayed and talked about our role in being part of the solution.  And over the last season, we have begun the journey to become foster parents.  

This is not a decision to be taken lightly.  We know that.  Even the youngest of children are coming to the state with very deep hurt and fears that are hard to chase down.  We have no romantic ideals about being the savior of the world.  But we do know the actual Savior, and He has taught us a lot about adoption.  For, we were once without a family, without God and without hope in the world.  Then God the Father brought us near.   He has called us His own and adopted us into His family.  We have been given a new name and inheritance, and it has changed us forever.

Foster care echoes the adopting heart of God.  For years, I have marveled at those who have opened their home to children in the system.  Finally, the time has come to turn our watching into walking.  

I do not know where this journey will lead.  We are getting our home ready for inspection, and turning in piles of paperwork.  This may lead to many closed doors.  This may lead to incredible heartbreak.  This may expose our children to inconvenience and even emotional loss.  But suffering for the sake of love is not something we are going to duck away from.  It is worth the cost.  So we will walk not knowing how the story ends.  And we will trust that Jesus who brought us this far will bring us all the way through.

-Ernesto Alaniz