Resurrection Letters Volume 1

I love Jesus. This is the center of every initiative I am currently involved in.  The goal of my life is to proclaim hope in a world of death.  And that hope is found nowhere else but at the finished work of Christ. 

    I love music.  The idea of creating a feeling, of marrying melody to musings, there is a power there.  I sing my songs loud, and let them wash over me. 

    And I love music that wrestles with the risen Christ.  I’m not so much a fan of bubblegum pop with a Christian coat of paint.  But singer songwriters who walk into the holy of holies, I will walk with them into that room.  

    On Good Friday, Andrew Peterson put out a new album.  9 songs about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is not an easy task.  Rich Mullins attempted this task right before he passed away, and his album “The Jesus Demos” is still one of his most celebrated works.  Peterson here finally tackles this project that has evaded him for 10 years.  The result is astonishing.

    The album begins with “His Heart Beats.”  The song is a better Easter sermon than many pew sitters received yesterday.  Like a child, I imagine the Christ rising up within the tomb.  The song gives shape to Easter morning and reminds us once again that the stories are true.

    Then we are into “Risen Indeed.”  The declaration of the angels becomes the chorus of a song that has us running with Peter to peer into the empty tomb.  The song also walks with us through winter to spring and sees in God-given seasons the truth of resurrection.

    Near the end of the album is a gem that I cannot wait to bring to Flint, MI.  The song “Is He Worthy” is one of the most beautiful and poignant songs that Andrew has ever written.  The song asks a questions that will be asked and answered in the heavens.  The song is a call and response song, and the first time I ever heard it, I couldn't stop the tears as I sung back the answers.

    If you love Jesus, and love music, and love the beauty and power of scripture, then this is an album that will bring much beauty to your life.  

He is risen.  He is risen indeed.