Nanowrimo 2018 Update Two

Twelve days in and I sit at 6,255 words.  I am only 2,000 words off my mark.  With a conference in Chicago, that ain’t bad.  The rest of the month I have no trips planned.  I should be able to buckle down and tell this story.

Now, the story is turning out nuts.  Just nuts.  I am finally getting a feeling of who my main character is.  I don’t like him.  But he feels like a real person.  I like a lot of the supporting characters though.  The gruff man, Lisa the little sister, Bethany the girl he hates but wants to love, and Marco, the true friend with a faith to move mountains.

The themes are all over the place.  Like all stories I tell, there is absolutely no audience for my story.  A monster story about faith?  Nope.  No room for that at any Christian bookstore in the country.  And especially no room at a Barnes and Nobles.  How the crap do you sell that?

But, I like it.  I want to tell this story.  And maybe it will shine some light.

So.  I am tired. My iPad keyboard is looking a little dirty.  I am giving up quite a bit of sleep.  But the book is being born.  I don’t know what it will look like when it grows up, but I think it’s gonna be a responsible citizen.

I am still posting daily updates on HIdden Hollow’s FACEBOOK and TWITTER. The quotes are out of control.

-Ernesto Alaniz