Food for the Soul - Oct 2018


1) “Making Sense of God” by Tim Keller.  This is a book that has been very helpful for my soul.  This is not a book giving proofs for God.  This book is a step before that.  This is asking whether the thought of God is completely stupid in our modern times.  Hasn’t science destroyed any thought of God?  Is there any room for faith in the mind of a true thinker?  The book is honest, well researched, accessible, and flirting with brilliance.  It is a must read for anyone who lives under the barrage of anti-faith rhetoric.  It has reminded me that the simplistic assumptions made by condescending talk show hosts are neither enlightened nor true. 


1) The Painted Desert by Andrew Osenga.  I have enjoyed the music of Andrew Osenga for two decades now.  His new album is truly beautiful.  There are songs of longing, of love, of faith.  My favorite song might be “Worry,” a song that dwells between my words of faith and thoughts of fear.  I also love the song “Cary,” a song about the fatherless becoming a father and the difficulty therein.  “Still Waters” is a favorite as well.  The song takes me to the edge of a lake in the woods, and I am looking for Him there.  And I desperately need to find Him there.  “Restore to me the joy of my salvation.”


1) The Dream.  This is a podcast all about Multi Level Marketing (MLM).  Also known as pyramids schemes.  Also known as network marketing.  Also known as pimping out every relationship you have to make a few bucks.  I have watched these companies target the church and our kindness, targeting the poor and their hope for a better life, targeting women and their social tendencies.  This podcast is revealing, saddening, enraging.  There are four episodes available right now.  One thing that has been truly revealing is how these MLMs targeted women after WW2.  It may even be argued that initially, there was some empowering aspects to women as leaders.  But any initial good eventually gets squeezed out as they become more advanced/predatory.

NOTE: This podcast is not a Christian podcast.  It cusses once in a while.