Every November across the globe thousands of people take part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  During the month, writers furiously scribble down 2,000 words per day in order to complete the 50,000 words needed to cross the finish line.  It’s a crazy exercise that is good fun to any who have ever wanted to tell a long form narrative.  There is no editing, no looking back.  Just sprinting forward creating worlds on the fly.  It is a difficult challenge that many start and few complete.


This November, I am partnering with my publishing company, Hidden Hollows Publishing, to bring a novel into existence in front of a live audience. 

Every day there will be updates on word counts, excerpts from the story, and even audience voting on the book’s title and cover.  You will be able to watch a world breathed into existence.

If you enjoy my writing, if you are a patron of the arts, if you like watching things come to life, if you are a writer yourself and want to see a story go from first draft to publication, then join us this November as we bring a novel to life. 

There will be updates everyday over at and  So like or follow these pages.  Kickoff is November 1st.  The novel is going to be my first foray into fantasy.  It is gonna be quite the ride, and I look forward to taking it with you.