Life Goal - Write a Book

    One of my life goals is to publish a story into the world.  It has been in my heart since I was a little boy playing RPG in the great white north.  My brothers and I would play pretend in the backyard, and I  created complete mythologies of characters that we would all pretend to be.  We didn’t play Superman and Batman because I had created new ones for us to inhabit.

    In school, I was drawn to storytelling very early.  I enjoyed drama and film and read voraciously.  I would give pen to paper often, just trying to convey feelings and emotions.  Much of my writing at this time of my life was horrendous, but it was a beginning.

    And now, right before my 37th birthday, I am going to bring one of my favorite stories into the world.  It is the story of how I met and then won Angie’s heart.  It is a story of bravery and boldness, foolishness and fear.  It is full of all the awkward missteps that make up any great love story, but also of incredible wisdom that was beyond our years.  

    The first two chapters of this story can be found on this blog.  Love Story chapters 1 and 2.  These are first drafts and will change as we go through editing and printing.  Add to that the fact that Angie herself is going to add footnotes to each chapter, validating and commenting where she sees fit (I am actually pumped about her involvement).  

    To make this book a reality, we ask you to join our Kickstarter efforts.  We are taking pre-orders on the book in order to raise the money to have it edited, formatted, and printed. You can go over to our page and see what we are doing and if you want to be involved (there is a little movie and everything).

    I am going to push this more as the weeks go forward.  But I wanted to start here, on this blog, where so many friends and strangers have given me so much encouragement in my writing.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for commenting and sharing.  I look forward to getting this book out into the world and seeing how many lives it can touch.  

    Oh, and it isn't called Love Story.  It is called “Tree Farm Girl.”