Rainy Days and Monday

    I have spent the morning working on cars.  My hair is wet and my scalp shows through.  My day old shirt has let loose its true smell due to the rain.  My shoes squish, and my jeans are beginning to stick.  But I do not curse the rain.  Is there anything more epic than unloading a truck in the pouring rain?  The water flows down my face and I smile.  It is good work.  My muscles are happy to be engaged and the weather only makes my task more adventurous.

    There is a dead spot in the front of my lawn.  It has been yellowing all month.  But after a good few days of showers, its color has changed.  It has drunk deeply, and it sighs green pleasure.  I am in the house writing down these thoughts, and I am still damp.  It is not time to change yet.  There is still some more work to be done.  The dry will come after.  

    The sky is gray, and the clouds stretch far.  The clouds look full and mean.  I think this rain is gonna keep on falling.  So we will pull out blankets, turn on an animated feature, maybe have a slumber party tonight in the living room with the whole family.  Soup is already on the stove, and tonight I will stoke a little fire for some indoor Smores.  So, with my old friends I sing out, “Rain rain don’t go away.  We need you this dry and dusty day.”  Happy Monday everyone.   The gray is up there, it doesn’t have to be in here.