2nd Quarter 2017 Fiction

     I try to read one book every week.  Here are the highlights from my fiction reading this year.  So far this year I have read quite a few graphic novels.  I love good storytelling wherever it is found.  TV, film, novel, and even comic books.  So, for those who love the written word (and for those who love art as a means for storytelling) here is my year so far.

The Vision by Tom King

    I am in unbelief that Marvel Comics allowed this to be published.  This is not a story about capes and epic battles between heroes and villains.  This is a story about family.  About the suburbs.  About the emptiness and hollowness of the American Dream.  It is a suburban nightmare that forced me to sit back and think on my own motives and goals for living.  This is a two volume self contained story.  You don’t need to know the character of the Vision to read this (although it does help).  I don’t know who this Tom King guy is, but I am now a big fan who will be anxiously awaiting what he does next. 

The Rattler by Jason McNamara

    The story is good.  It reads fine and comes to a conclusion.  The story behind the story almost make the entire thing more interesting, so I recommend reading the backmatter.  This tale is a classic crime thriller, reminding me of the movie "The Vanishing."  A man's wife is kidnapped in a horrible side of the road breakdown.  And this one event consumes the main character's entire life.  The Rattler brings all these things to a satisfying end.

The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson

         The Warden and the Wolf King is the fourth and final book in The Wingfeather Saga.  And it is an incredible end to an incredible saga. Beautiful. It is a story full of all the hope and tragedy that comes in life. And it is full of the truth that is under all of life. It is full of the story that brings beauty to all stories. I can't recommend this series enough. It goes from fun (Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness) to profoundly dark (North! or be Eaten) to absolutely beautiful (The Monster in the Hollows) to all things being made new only after the old is burned away.

Saga Volume 7 by Brian K Vaughan

    Saga is a long haul of a book (Hence the title). But the long haul of it is beginning to make these characters feel like a real family.  My review of this story might not be fair. My personal life happened to coincide with the emotional center of this story. It's ending helped me cry, helped me feel... it hurt so good. I have never seen a story deal with this before, and it was.... validating.   So... Saga. A twisted science fiction mess of a story that I can't help but love. Definitely not for kids

We Stand on Guard by Brian K Vaughan

    The best science fiction does way more than imagine the future.  The best forces us to ask questions about our present and where that shall take us.  This is a fine story about war and corruption and family and nations.  But underneath there are some knives about the current climate in American politics.  The craziest thing about this story is was written before our contentious and dividing election of President Trump.  The story only seems more prophetic as time moves forward.