Spring in Michigan

Winter was hard for me this year.  I generally love winter.  But the things I love about winter were quite absent this year.  Very little snow.  We only had one storm worth talking about.  It was gross and dead vs. white and crisp.  During the winter I didn’t work on my novel.  My exercise routine fell into ruin.  And my reserves of strength slowly ebbed out of me.  The grey skies above matched the storms within.

    But Spring is here.  And with it comes hope.  The brown dead lawn is turning green again.  The birds are waking up and singing their songs.  Bees buzz around, scaring my children while opening up the flowers they love so much.  And the sky is blue.  It was blue this morning when I awoke.  Bright and bigger than my eyes could see.  I find myself waking up at 6am with no need for alarm.  I wake up with the same hope that is outside my walls.

        Spring is life.  It is the end of the cold.  Hibernation is ending.  It is time to wake up, to come out the cave, to stretch those sore limbs.  And that life is filling up my veins.  I took some rest to jump start the Spring, going south to soak in some rays and to put my feet in the sand.  While I was driving back north, I heard people talking about an April snowstorm.  And i was afraid.  I was afraid of coming off the beach back to frigid mornings and slushy driveways.  But the storm passed, and I pulled in as winter was pulling out.  

    I was in the pool yesterday, swimming laps and making the 1/2 mile mark.  Today I was out running, getting ready to knock off this winter laziness and push the needle the other direction on the scale.  I am back in the kitchen, ready to continue this project that I have let dangle for so long.  

    I guess I am saying very simply…. the flowers are blooming.  And so is my soul.  Pure Michigan indeed.