Living in Flint, MI


    Here are the questions I get asked the most about living in the city of Flint.

1) Can you drink the water?

    No, we don’t drink the water.  As stated in the Flint Journal in the month of February, “Water tests safe.  But don’t drink it.”  This is the guidance we are given as citizens.  Cause the lead levels spike from one day to the next.  And no one can figure out what is causing these aberrations.  Some say it happens when their is construction and the heavy equipment shakes the pipes.  But because we don’t know the why, we can’t chance our kids drinking high amounts of lead.

    So, we don’t cook with our water.  We don’t drink the water.  We buy gallons of water at Meijer every week.  We get free bottles of water at city checkpoints once a month.  But the bottled water is being cancelled soon.  So that’s gonna be a bummer.  And not only that…. but Flint is the most expensive water bills in the nation.  We have been getting a discount for a while, but that just ended.  So we are paying $150 a month for water we can’t drink. 

    The water thing is probably the hardest thing we face in this city.


2) Where do your kids go to school?

    Angie and I have always been huge advocates of public school.  That is how we both received our education growing up.  But I went to the school my kids would attend… and it is not a burden I will put out of my children.  The building falling apart.  The classes too large for each teacher.  The lack of funding.  This of course is not the teacher’s fault.  The teachers are out there doing the best they can with what they got.  

    We have chosen to put our kids into a private school.  We pay real money to send our kids to school.  And that money is the best money we spend in a month.  Both our children our reading above their grade level.  They have opportunity and an environment that promotes learning.  And that is worth the sacrifice.  I will keep these old cars running, and I’ll wear these tired old clothes.  This is where we choose to invest our cashola.


3) Is your family safe?

    Yeah.  I know we live in Flint.  I know her reputation.  We have to be smart about things.  For example, my kids know that if I am ever fighting someone in our house, they know how to push the alarm button.  That is something I wouldn’t have taught them living in Waterford or Fenton.  

    But on the day to day, we know and trust our neighbors all the way down the block.  Sometimes crime does come into our neighborhood.  But that is a price we are willing to pay to be apart of the revival of Flint, MI.  We are gonna live here, shop here, play here, and be here in order to give our energy into this city.


So, these are the most common questions I get living in this infamous city.  Have any more, just message them over.