6 years ago I wrote a book.  That novel has traveled with me from Fenton to Waterford to Flint.  And it has just sat there, unread by the world.  This year I finally picked it up and reread it.  It wasn’t great.  The first act was solid.  But the third act was a mess.  Such a mess in fact, that i was tempted to put the book down forever and just pretend it never happened.  

    But this week the 3rd edition of this novel is being sent to an editor.  And he is going to gut it.  He is going to walk through the structure and dismantle it.  This editor does not care about my ego or my feelings.  He cares about structure and story and conflict.  He cares about characters and setting and resolution.  And he has warned me beforehand that this next part is gonna hurt.  I brace for it.

    To be edited is to be judged.  It is to put a labor of love into the hands of others and to have it examined under the light.  All her imperfections are on display to be seen.  Who would want to be edited?  Who would want to be pruned?  I will tell you who… I do.  I desire to be edited.  I desire to be stood against and challenged.  Not by anyone.  Not by a fool or even a professional.  But by a gifted storyteller, I wait on the challenge.  My goal is not to win.  My goal is to learn.  To see with bigger eyes.  To be helped and aided in getting this story from my heart to the page to the reader. 

    This story is walking towards release.  2017 will not pass without this novel being offered to all those tho desire to read it.  Thanks for the notes of encouragement.  They are truly appreciated.