Making a Budget

So, the President has revealed his budget and the response has been unsurprisingly loud.  Now, I have seen a quote floating around that I have found fascinating.  The quote reads, “A budget is a moral thing.”  Now, I know the author of that was making a judgment against the president’s budget.  But I have been chewing on that on a more personal level.  What does my budget say about me?

    Let’s put our budget in certain categories.  First, Living.  This is money I spend on me.  Rent.  Utilities.  Gasoline.  This is the money I spend on my living and surviving.  Next, Play.  This is the money I spend on fun.  Hulu, Netflix, eating out, hobbies, etc.  Then move on to Generosity.  This is how much money you give away.  To the church, to charities, to loved ones in hard times.  The next category is investment.  This is money that is spent on the future.  Education.  Savings.  Retirement.  

    Life.  Play.  Generosity.  Investment.  Four simple categories to see how your life looks.  It is easy to look at the government and call foul.  But looking at oneself is quite the different thing.  Now, I understand that we need to go deeper than these four categories. But these four reveal some real values.  

    My wife and I have looked at our life.  And we have begun to really make some hard decisions.  We wish for generosity to be a value in our life.  For that to happen, we had to cut into our play.  As the years have gone on, we have learned how to tighten the built on living and play, and to increase generosity.  One thing we haven’t done is spend much on investment.  Thinking about tomorrow, preparing for a day when my body isn’t as strong as it is today.  

    I think a budget is a moral thing.  I will say it like Jesus did.  “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”