Happy Independence Day

     Every society has a culture.  A history, a shared experience, some common languages.  It’s like a big ole blanket that everyone in a place have warmed themselves with.  And man, do people love their blanket.  They like their blanket better than everyone else’s blanket.  They love the feel of it.  They boast about the history of it.  In our view, our blanket is the best blanket in the world.

    But as followers of the Christ, we are forced to admit something.  We are forced to admit that our blanket was not sewn in heaven.  That it was put together by men.  There is poor stitching in places.  They didn’t use the best filler.  And, lo and behold, the fabric of our blanket was stolen from someone! 

    So the Christ forces us to admit that every culture is broken.  And it calls us to seek the kingdom culture.  There is a heavenly blanket, and the people being warmed by it don’t all look like us.  They don’t share our language, our history, our experience.  But they are under our blanket with us.  And it is a better blanket.  It will keep us warmer.  It has a story without regret.  The Christ tells us to strive to be underneath this better blanket.

    So, I say all that to say this.  I know that our American culture isn’t perfect.  She is not God’s chosen people.  Within our cultural psyche, we have things that are stupid and wrong.  But so does every other nation on the planet.  And on this Independence day, I freely say that i prefer our broken to every other broken on the planet.

    Happy Independence Day everyone.