Get Things Done

Here is a blog on the apps I am currently using to get things done.  I currently am the president of two non-profit 501c3, a pastor, as well as a substitute teacher during the school year.  Needless to say, my work load is pretty brutal.  So here is how I keep it all together.

1) Email

    Email is a primary source of communication with both friends and strangers.  And many people just use the email that comes bundled with their machines/cell phones.  I have been seeking a more robust email solution for some time.  The answer I have come to: Outlook for iOS.  

    Outlook for the iPhone and iPad are built on the old technology of Mailbox.  I can take emails that need to be dealt with later and essentially schedule them to arrive in my inbox later.  One of my daily goals it is to reach inbox zero.  Being able to schedule emails for later allows to to manage my inbox quickly and effectively. 

    NOTE: I don’t vouch for the desktop versions of Outlook.  It is classic Microsoft, overstuffed and ugly to look at.  It is so bad, that I never do email on a desktop, only on an iPad.

2) Calendar

    Again, the standard calendar app leaves much to be desired.  One of my least favorite things is to actually add events to the calendar.  It requires so many different fields to be typed in.  Enter Fantastical.  Available for mobile and desktop, it makes entering events easy and intuitive.  I can just write, “Lunch with Cool MoDee at The Farmer’s Market on Thursday.”  And it fills all the fields appropriately.  I can add events quickly and easily.  The app costs money, but I have found it worth it.  I bought it for ipad, iphone, and desktop, and have absolutely no regrets.  I haven’t missed a meeting yet.

3) To Do List

    I used to love Wunderlist.  Like any good to do app, it has cloud syncing (meaning that if you make a change on one device, the change shows up on all other devices).  But Wunderlist is merely a checklist.  A task is either done or undone.  And in my life, tasks have many stages on their way to completion.  I needed something with more of a workflow.  Enter Trello.

    Trello is an incredible application that has to be played with in order to truly appreciate.  My to do list is simply one of the boards I use.  I have #1 Priority, Tasks, In Progress, Blocked, Completed, and Failed.  And what’s great is that I slide cards from one list to another as they progress.  

    The blocked category is pretty awesome.  That is for tasks I have acted upon and am awaiting some resolution.  Maybe I sent in graphics for a tshirt and am waiting for acceptance.  Maybe I am waiting on an estimate.  Whatever it is, I can put it in my “Blocked” list.  Being in that list lets me know the task it is acted upon, and I am awaiting movement.  Trello allows me a workflow instead of merely a box to be checked.  And I am coming to love it.  

    This is a free app on iPad and iPhone.  For desktop you are stuck using the web app.  But its alright.

So… here are three of the main apps I use.  I will put out a different post on what apps I use to lead and organize a church.

So… rock on party people.  Get your things done.