Fairweather Fan

     I spent last evening watching the Golden State Warriors completely overwhelm the Cleveland Cavaliers.  There were some Lebron James fans in the house, and by the end of the 3rd quarter they left the room.  They couldn’t watch their hero fall any further.

    Now, I have no idea who the Golden State Warriors are.  I haven’t watched a single game this season.  I haven’t watched the Pistons (who apparently made the playoffs).  I haven’t watched the playoffs.  I didn’t even hear about the Golden State Warriors until they broke the record for the most winningest team in NBA history.  And then all the sudden, I am watching the news on these guys.  I see headlines on injuries, and incredible obstacles to overcome.  And with my no knowledge, no loving self, I find myself cheering in a room full of Golden State Warrior fans.  

    I am the definition of a fairweather fan.  I come in when the crowd is cheering, only to cease caring when the series/game is over.  I have no vested interest.  I own not a single shred of clothing with some team logo on it.  But if you would’ve been in the room today, you wouldn’t have known that.  I knew all the names of the players.  I had commentary on the events of the night.  I was indistinguishable from the actual fans.

    Now, I am a fairweather fan when it comes to sports.  But I am not a fairweather fan when it comes to Jesus.  What is a fairweather fan of Jesus?  It is someone who doesn’t think of Jesus, talk to Jesus, or learn from Jesus most every day of their life.  But then something happens.  Something bad.  And the fairweather fan turns to Jesus in that moment of need.  And they will go to the place where all his people gather.  They might even know the lingo and raise their hands at the right times.  But as soon as the season ends, Jesus is going back on the shelf.  He’s out.  And the fairweather fan goes on with their life until the season comes again.

    To push the metaphor a little further, I’m not even a fan of Jesus.  I am not watching the game and eating popcorn.  Being with Jesus means playing the game.  It means putting on the jersey and getting in the game.  To be with Jesus is to be a follower.  To be with Jesus is to be a disciple, to make disciples, to go to all nations.  And being on Jesus’ team… now that is a life worth living.