Get Off My Plane

or "The dramatic telling of my not so dramatic attempted carjacking."

I was in downtown Flint and the city had closed.  It was dark, the only thing left open were the bars, and I was in the midst of a delightful conversation.  So it was that I jumped into my Tahoe and headed home.

The heat had finally come to Michigan, and I drove with widows down to offset my broken air conditioner.  I was lost in my own head, rehashing the day and preparing for the morrow.  I was driving down a city street when I noted to myself the lack of streetlights.  There had been streetlights just a second ago, and they just stopped.  Ah well.

I was sitting at light to make a left hand turn when my night tired dramatic.  Now remember, i was tired.  And.. I was texting someone.  So I was not paying attention to my surroundings.  Which is why I was so confused when I looked into my rearview mirror to see a car with no headlights sitting behind me.  

This should have been an immediate alarm.  A car with no lights had snuck up on me on a dark road with no houses or business anywhere near.  That should have been enough.  But I was intrigued by something.  As i looked at the car in my rearview, I noticed that something was hanging off their rearview mirror.  It was spinning off the mirror, and I could see a little light refract as it spun.  What was that thing?  It was too small to be a CD. 

So there was, staring into my rearview mirror, when the shadow crossed behind my truck.  It was moving fast, and it’s head was low.  Fear is an incredible thing.  Fear triggers adrenaline, panic, action.  That shadow shouldn’t be there.  There should be nothing in the night moving on the road.  But something just crossed between our cars, and it was moving with purpose.

I glanced down to my side mirror and saw the shadow make the corner.  It was coming up the side of my truck, coming to where I sat with open window arm on the door.  

Thankfully, some default setting in my overtired and distracted brain was hard wired to trip.  Cause without thinking or looking into traffic I punched the accelerator.  I took the left into the road and nervously looked behind me.  I was coming quickly to streetlights, and soon would be able to see.  Part of my brain wondered if someone was just out for a walk and was cutting between my truck and the darkened sedan sitting behind me.  Maybe I overreacted.  

Then the car came through the red and its lights came on.  This car had decided to pace me.  To follow me.  Not to overtake me.  Not to crash into me.  Just to follow.  I would speed up, they would speed up.  I would slow to normal, they would fall back to leave plenty of distance.  I could not go home, so i just started driving to areas I knew were populated and well lit.

An odd aside.  While driving past the turn into my neighborhood, I started laughing.  I looked in the rearview and couldn’t believe this was happening.  I just laughed at the craziness of it all.  

After pacing me for a solid 5 minutes, they did a u-turn and drove away.  I drove around a little more, making sure I was truly clear, and then went home.  I updated FB with my crazy adventure, then went to sleep.

So… that is my story.  The Tahoe is safe.  I am unscathed and pumped to call this city home.  And some dude is ticked that his big fish got away.  Hope your week is less eventful.