Daughters need daddies

Originally published 10/8/11

I am not a sociologist.  I am not about to unfurl statistics or surveys.  And I am not going to quote from God's Holy Word, though I imagine I will repeat its teaching, for its truth permeates much of my thinking.  I am just thinking out loud.

Daughters need daddies.

I was gone for a season in India.  Lina was very young, so young that we didn't know if she would understand my absence.  I had this great fear that she would just forget about me.  That she would go up north and be around Grandpa Bob and just think he was daddy or something.  But Lina knew her father was gone.  Her sleeping schedule changed.  She was off.  She woke up often in the night.  When I finally came home, she was sleeping.  She awoke and I was standing above her, tired and worn from 48 hours of perpetual motion, and she just stared.  Then she held out her arms to be picked up and smiled.  All was right in her world again.

In my head, daddies seem like an afterthought.  I am guessing alot of that comes from not having one.  They do not factor.  In my head, mommas are much more important.  I used to think that momma was always there as a shoulder to cry on, to scratch a burdened back, to make a loving meal.  In my understanding of household economics, daddy was an afterthought.

But then I think about little Lina.  How much strength is going to be in her?  She is going to have a mom AND a dad who love her.  Nobody gets that.  She might even be like Angie.  Angie has that power in her.  She has that thing... that thing which can only come from having two loving parents and being able to rest in that love.  Lina is going to inherit that power.  

And I guess I have to get spiritual, because that is how I roll.  Maybe I will be a good daddy.  I will read her stories in the night, and dance with her often regardless of how foolish I look.  I will sing her secret songs that are only for her and me.  I will speak true words into her life, so she will know how to navigate this broken and unforgiving world.  I will not be a slave to my temper, and she will not live in fear of me.  I will come home every day from work, and she will know she can count on me.  I will keep my word when I give it, so she will know she can trust me.  And I will kiss her every night, and she will know that I love her.  

Maybe I will be a good daddy, and that will point to a better daddy then I can ever be.  So even when I am dead and gone, she will be able to trust He whom I called Father.  Maybe me being a good dad will help her understand her indentity in Christ.  Aint that something? 

Sigh.  This night I ramble.  Tonight I muse about this holiest of callings.  I am a daddy.  And I am so thankful.  I didn't know love could get this big.  I am so glad I get to be a daddy to such a wonderful daughter.