The Awful Kingdom of Nesto

What are we building here in Flint, MI?  It is a question that was asked of me this last week by preachers, mentors, and even God Himself.  What are we building here?  People plant churches for all different reasons.  They do it as an act of rebellion against the “old fools” who have no idea what they are doing.  They do it cause it’s what’s sexy in the current evangelical landscape.  They do it because they are amazingly insecure and wonder if a successful work will finally make them feel as though they are worth loving.

    But why are we here in Flint?  Cause there are only two options.  Either I am building a kingdom in my own name, or I laboring to build God’s kingdom.  

    A quick interlude.  An young asian man leads his family well.  He instills in his family that they are not just to seek the individual win, but the family win.  That they are not just building a legacy for their first name, but for their last.  As the children grow, one day a son asks the question, “Dad, what is the greatest obstacle to the family win?”  The father stops to think.  And then he answers.  “Why son… I am.  You see, Daddy likes to climb up into Jesus’ throne and pretend it’s his.”  I hear that story and I begin to weep. 

    I don’t want to sit on that throne.  I don’t want to touch that glory.  

    I pray for Flint.  I want to see God move in the lives and hearts of the citizens here.  I was recently asked what is my hope for Flint.  My answer, I hope Flint will become the most LOVED city in America.  So I ask God to send the fires of revival.  But what if God sends that revival, and its not at Flint City Church.  What if God uses another work to be the main engine in bringing this city back to God?  Would I still want it?  Do I want Jesus name lifted high, or do I want to share some of that glory?  

    So I have begun praying for some of the churches here in Flint town that labor alongside.  We are not the only ones preaching Jesus here in the city limits.  I am not praying that Flint City becomes a beacon of hope in the city.  I am praying that Jesus’ name would be lifted high.  We will be faithful. We will work and pray and sacrifice.  And we look expectantly at what God is going to do in this city.

    “So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.”