Church Planter - Week 2

    For Launch Sunday, I asked God to give us less than 200.  Over that and we would be out of chairs, overflowing the nurseries and children’s areas, and be in violation of the fire code.  On our first Sunday, we saw 188 people come to the first gathering of Flint City.  It was…. it was incredible.

Yesterday, I walked into the Elgood Theater not knowing what the day would hold.  5 of our core families were out of town.  The opening day factor wasn’t there.  I thought we may have 30 - 50 people in the house.  But instead, 82 people came.  And we worshipped.  We gave.  And the word of God was preached.  My mic failed at the beginning of my message, and so I just turned on the volume and blew out my throat to preach about King Jesus.

Walking around, I am meeting people that I have met in the city.  I am meeting people who others in our Launch Team have invited.  There are single moms, families, and just young singles.  There are white, black, and a bunch of brown.  Poor, rich, and even homeless sit side by side.  We are Flint.

The words we have been saying every week are beginning to come true.  We are for Jesus.  We are for Flint.  We are for the Kingdom.  

A servant of the king,

Ernesto Alaniz