Cell Phone Junkie

How many times in a day do I glance down at my phone?  It’s an odd question.  One that I couldn’t even venture a guess at.  At dinner, 4 glances maybe.  On the couch watching TV… 10?  So I took a day to just tick every time I turn the thing over to look at it.

In a single day, I made over 75 ticks.  75 times I just looked to see if I had missed a text.  75 times I looked away from what I was doing to check on something else.  75 times I broke eye contact with the person across from me to see what was making my pocket dance.  75 times my eyes left the windshield to check on an address… or a text (for shame!).

There is a scene in the movie “Inside Out,” where the dad is playing hockey with his daughter who desperately needs some normalcy.  And his phone goes off, and he drops everything for it.  The game ceases to matter.  It communicates something to her louder than any “I love you” shouted over his shoulder on the way out.  I remember seeing that scene in the theater and feeling an awful sickness in my belly. 

In my journey with Jesus, learning how to serve Him and Him alone, I have found new obstacles.  Once again a good gift from my father becomes an idol.  So I have to smack it down in order to be free and remain faithful.  In my life, this means taking FB off my phone.  It gets too much time, too often.  So I’ll leave the social media surfing for at night on the home computer.  Also, all games have been removed.  Games are not evil.  But they have grown to large in my life, and must be cut out for a season.  

“..I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.”  -1 Corinthians 9:27