Tyranny of the Urgent

It is a busy season of life right now.  In three weeks a church is going to be born on the most infertile ground in the state.  I have been building systems, walking the streets, and spending time with people from all walks of life.  It seems there are always a thousand things to do.  And as I fight through every day to complete my task list, I found myself making less and less time for the things that matter most.

    Caring for our soul, cultivating the inner life, is something that is talked about fondly but practiced by few.  Taking time to pray, to sit in the silence and listen, to process our life in the light of the truth, to read God’s word and to let it’s truth and beauty conform our hearts… this kind of time-intensive long-term investment is often the first thing we sacrifice.  Soul care doesn’t yield immediate resources.  Soul care doesn’t answer an email.  Soul care isn’t tweetable or shareable.  But it is the reservoir of strength that we draw on to do everything else.

    I spent the last 10 days in India.  While out there I found myself preaching every night when the sun went down.  And I spent the mornings in silence.  Reading God’s word for hours.  Journaling and reflecting on where God has led, and where He was leading.  Taking to time to sit in silence and just listen.  Taking time to think and process.  And while there, unable to get any “real work” done, I found instead a reminder.  That what I do must flow from who I am.  And who I am must be found in Christ.  And not knowledge about Jesus.  Not taking some stand for God.  No.  But a profound and life giving relationship that burns away the chaff and grows mighty trees.

    Now I am home.  And I am trying to remember that I don’t need to run so hard, and drive so fast.  That there is a joy in the journey to be lived and experienced.  That building lego sets with my boy is as valuable as working on the fence outside.  That time spent in silence undergirds the time spent in loving.  As the saying goes, let us not miss the forest for the trees.