Life Goals


    I am a goal oriented person.  I have goals in different parts of my life (financial, health, spiritual).  I have goals for different seasons (yearly, monthly, weekly, seasonal).  But behind all these small ever changing challenges there lies some life goals that have been with me for over 15 years.  These are legit life goals.  And this weekend, one of these goals will find its fulfillment.

Here they are:

1) Build a house.  Design it.  Put forth blood and effort in its construction.  STATUS: Complete.  Built our home in India.  It is currently lived in by Indian pastors.

2) Fast for 40 days.  Walk in the footsteps of my teacher and Lord, Jesus.  STATUS: Incomplete.  I can’t speak very openly about this goal.  But it is one I am making ground on every year.  

3) Write a novel.  I love story.  Whether film, tv show, or comic book, I can enter into fictional worlds very easily, and have learned much doing so.  But the greatest of these mediums is the novel.  And as a lifelong critic, I know that I must someday put my voice out there into the mix.  STATUS:  Incomplete.  The novel is written.  But it must be edited. This process looks to grueling.  The story is called Three Cities, and she has absolutely no audience.  It is too street for the church, and too church for the street.  But someday in the near future I am going to launch a kickstarter and put this story out into the world.

4) Be a missionary.  Sell everything, move overseas, and being the gospel to a world that is not my own.  STATUS: Complete. 

5) Be a father.  What can I say.  It has been in my heart since I was a very young man.  To plant some trees and to help them grow into mighty oaks.  STATUS: Complete.  Well…. they are not oaks yet.  But God has blessed us with two wonderful children.  I am thankful for them.  Sometimes, I hug them goodbye, and it hurts to let them go.

And the final life goal I got.. 

6) To plant a church.  To go into a new area, and through conversation and life on life relationship, to see a new gathering of believers born into the world.   To go to a place where there was great need, and to engage that community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  STATUS: For the last 6 months, we have gathered weekly as a house church.  But our home has gotten too small.  Too many kids, too many adults.  So, this Sunday, on the day we celebrate the Resurrection, Flint City Church will being having weekly gatherings.  This is a day I have prayed for and dreamed of.  During this next week, our little gathering of saints are giving ourselves to prayer, fasting, and engaging the community around us.  It is our hope and prayer that we would be a light in this city.  Easter Sunday.  10a.  The Flint Youth Theater.  It is the beginning.  And I am grateful that God has allowed me to see this day.