The Other Side of the World

A five hour drive to the Windy CIty.  A 15 hour jump to India.  a 15 hour layover and then 3 hours of the most death defying driving anywhere in the world.  All that to arrive in a arbitrary village in rural India.

    Every two years I prepare myself for this journey. For the heat (100 degrees and counting).  For the food (curry that will melt your face off).  For the sick (Delhi Belly is all but guaranteed).  Why?  Why all the money and the time?  

    Because once upon a time, we made our home in India.  And we were bonded to an Indian family full of grace and truth.  And that connection has lasted the time and distance.  The work begun all those years ago continues.  I will visit many brothers and bring strength and encouragement.  I will spend all the strength I got under the hot sun.  And it will be good.

    So pray for me and my traveling companion Jarrett as we labor on the other side of the world.  Pray for health and strength.  For wisdom and favor.  It is gonna be hard, but it is gonna be good.


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