Many churches, businesses, and individuals have asked if our young church has need.  In light of such kindness, I am going to share one of the hurdles we have before Launch Sunday.

We are a mobile church, meeting on the city’s ground.  A church building could possibly be cheaper, but this is part of our strategy.  We want to be on neutral ground.  We want to meet in a place that every family in the city knows.  We don’t want to be ostracized to a corner.  So we are going to be having church at The Elwood Theater.  It is incredibly located on the intersection of the different communities we are serving in.  It has a bus stop at their front door.  And everyone single kid in town knows where the planetarium is at.  

But to meet in a mobile setting, we have to create a system that can be carried in, set up, tore down, over and over again without falling to pieces.  We have to develop a system that doesn’t wipe out our volunteers over the long haul. 

God has provided a trailer.  God has provided a truck to pull that trailer.  But we have to get our mobile system built.  This is a one time up front cost so we can have our gear up and ready by launch day.  If you would like to give to this need, you can CLICK HERE.  I have included below a list of the cases we need and the costs.  

    I have no doubt that God will provide.  I come not with manipulation or urgency.  If you wish to invest in this new work, here is an opportunity.  Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your support.


Ernesto Alaniz

Pastor, Flint City Church