The Redrum Theatre

    I love story.  Always have.  I love characters overcoming obstacles.  I love heroes facing villains.  I love it when the guy gets the girl.  From my youngest days I have consumed story.  Whether in video games, comic books, novels, and of course, film.  Movies have always been the most prominent medium of story in my life.  I think it’s because other people watch it too.  With some of the other things I would read, I would have no one to share the highs and lows.  With film, there is a shared experience across the miles.  It was like all of America was experiencing the same things.

    So, I watched movies.  A lot of movies.  A stinking lot of movies.  And these stories taught me how to tell stories.  These dramatic tales gave me language to express my own thoughts and feelings.  They impacted me.  As life went on, I always found myself starting movie clubs.  In high school, in college, single, married, the movie club always came back.  And it always had the same name.  The Redrum Theatre.

    Well, the movie club has been dormant for many years now.  The time has come to bring it out of retirement.  But this time, it would not be a club meeting on Friday nights at a professor’s home in suburban Chicago (Long Live McDuffie!).  No.  We live in a brave new world of internet and entertainment.  We are taking the movie club online.

    In my love of movies, there has always been one person whom I have shared the most with.  We were side by side for many years watching the same moviesand learning the same lessons.  If you are ever in a room with me and him, we will be sharing quotes and inside jokes a mile a minute.  I speak of course of my brother, the mouth from the south, the Mexicutioner, Antonio Moreno.    

    Armed with our love of movies and a USB microphone, we have decided to make a podcast.  Our motto is “We watch movies.  We love movies.  We were raised by movies.”  Every Sunday, we will be putting up a new episode where we talk about one of the movies that raised us wrong and raised us right.  We are gonna laugh.  We are gonna get real.  We are gonna share our love of story.  

    If you love movies.  If you enjoy laughing.  This podcast may be a great listen on your way to work.  You can find it at  You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  You can follow us on Facebook (  and Twitter (@redrumtheatre).

    Redrum Theatre is live.  We hope you enjoy the ride.