Everything is Illuminated

I have intentionally written mysteriously about Flint City Church on this blog.  I had to get some things in place before I showed all the cards.  Well, the foundations are set and the ball is rolling.  So here are many of the things.

    Flint City Church launches Easter Sunday.  March 27th, 2016.  We are meeting at the Flint Youth Theater, a venue on the intersection of the East Village, the East Side, and Downtown.  The Flint Youth Theater shares an entrance with the Planetarium…its in the very heart of the city.

    Flint City Church has a website, and it is live, over at  We will be sharing our adventures on Twitter at  Or on our facebook page at  

    Last night, on Sunday January 3rd, the core of this new church came together and prayed for the city of Flint.  We prayed for protection, for wisdom.  We took the Lord’s Supper together and remembered the reason for all this.  We opened the word to keep the mission in front of our eyes.  We took our first offering, giving joyfully to the work we have been called to (if anyone desires to join us in our giving, you can go to  It was a big night for our little church.  My house was full, and so was my heart.

    Happy New Year everyone.  It’s gonna be one heck of a ride.

-ernesto alaniz