Flint Town USA

I grew up in Flint.  Most of my remembered life was spent on the East Side.  I am sure that we lived all over that city.  But I can only remember the East Side.  I remember a house on Leith Street.  I remember walking to school.  I remember trailer parks.  I remember being mugged on the school bus.  It’s the city that taught me how to survive.  it’s where I learned to take a punch.  It’s the place I ran from and swore I’d never return.

    And it’s the place I am now walking towards.

    After a season of prayer, after a season of wandering, after a season of waiting, Angie and I have made a decision.  We are planting a church in Flint Michigan.  Flint.  One of the most violent cities in America.  Flint, a city where you can’t even drink the water for fear of it’s safety.  And this is where we are going to make our home.

    Our house is sold.  We have a house in Flint town.  And we are going to make a run at bringing hope to one of the most broken cities in America.  And honestly… we couldn’t be more excited.  More to follow.