Tall Grass

    It has rained alot this month.  Which is par for the course for Spring in Michigan.  My lawn drank up this rain greedily.  Patches of yard that were once just dirt now have grass growing.  The grass that was already there has turned a happy shade of green... one that is vibrant and healthy.  I look out at it and am content.  

    Alas, the grass has drunk so much that is has gotten tall.  I mean real tall.  How tall?  Well, just yesterday a pheasant came into our yard thinking he was back on the open prairies of Nebraska.  His head would bob down below grass line and he would come back up as happy as can be.  How tall is it?  Well, when I walk to and from the shed, I kick up clouds of mosquitos that have many nests among that untouched field.  I wouldn't be surprised to find wood elves moving in there soon.

    So, how did it get so long?  I'll tell you.  I have been too busy lately.  Gone 6 of 7 nights for many weeks in a row.  Out of the house at 5:30a and racing back to be home before bedtime.  And when I have found time to carve out 30 minutes for lunch, or have 2 hours between office hours and evening commitments, I have a choice to make.  With that small amount of time I have in my hands, what am I going to do with it?  Do I go out and mow the yard.  It needs it.  The neighbors gotta be annoyed.  Those driving by must think the house has been abandoned to nature.  Every time I pull in, I see the need to mow the grass.

    But I made a choice.  With that little time, I made a choice to get on the floor with my boy and his broken leg.  To pal around and giggle like crazy.  The grass grows.  Lina divebombs me from the couch.  The grass grows.  Nesto sits on my lap and we watch Thomas the Train.  The grass grows.  I sit down with Angie and finally decide where our daughter is going to go to preschool.  It is a decision.  Both are there pressing and demanding attention.  But sometimes you have to let things intentionally fall.  You have to say... that thing over there is not a priority.  This thing over here.... that matters more.  

    So.... I write all this nonsense to say this... make decisions.  Be intentional.  Don't be ruled by the tyranny of the urgent.  Sometimes you get behind.  Sometimes you can't juggle all the balls.  Sometimes you can't call them back till tomorrow, or answer one more email.  And that is okay sometimes.  Don't sacrifice the best for the good.  The grass gets tall sometimes.  And people are going to judge you for it.  Make the wisest choices with the factors at hand.


-Ernesto Alaniz

P.S.  The lawn is now cut... I'm gonna pay someone to do it.  And I am coming home more now... but that is a story for another blog.