2015 Year in Review

Here are the top 5 Events that shaped the Alaniz Household in 2015.

5) Our daughter confessing Christ.

    I was away when it happened.  But we had been reading the Jesus Storybook Bible with her for years.  And one day, she realized that she needed to be rescued from her sin.  And she bowed her little head with momma and called on the name of Jesus.  I know it is just the beginning of her journey with God, but I am so glad she is on the road.  It is my prayer for all my children… that they would know Christ and be loved by Him.  The rest… it’ll come.

4) Losing 75 pounds.

    It came to a head in January.  I had hit 350 pounds on the scale.  I was a living a lifestyle that was not sustainable.  If I kept gaining 10 pounds a year, I was on my way to 400.  So during my annual prayer retreat, I was sitting under a sermon and God revealed some very large strongholds in my life.  I came home and a lot changed.  One thing that changed was going to the gym and eating better.  And the weight began to fall off.  I found some of that weight during the holidays, but I am back in the gym and eating my egg whites Monday.  I feel better, stronger, faster, healthier.  It is a great feeling.

3) Leaving Faith Church.

    I have written much about this, so I will spare my pen now.  No need to pour salt in this wound that is beginning to heal.  Suffice to say, this year I was met with a lose - lose decision, and I made the least worst decision I could.  For the sake of King Jesus, for the health of the family I loved, my time at the church of my youth had to come to an end.  It was one of the hardest days of my life.  But God was kind to me and my family.  As we left, as we packed up our home and moved out of town, we found that we had more loving friends then we ever knew.  I will always love Waterford and the family of Faith out there.  Miss you guys. 

2) Moving to Flint, Michigan.

    As we prayed and looked for direction, this city to the north began calling out to us.  It was a city that I swore I would never return to.  But as we began to visit and walk the streets we began to fall in love with this place.  We saw the need, we heard the call, and we stepped out in faith.  We packed up our lives and moved to a city that was right in the middle of a water crisis that still continues today.  We have begun to settle in, and we are coming to love our new home more and more.

1) Starting Flint City Church.

    One of my life dreams has been to see a church start from the ground up.  To see a church born from prayer and vision.  And over the last few months, I have begun to meet with a core of Christ followers who feel the call to love and pray for this city of Flint.  I am so thankful to be on this journey with such a crazy and eclectic group of city shakers.  We have spent the last few months just preparing ourselves.  Soon comes the next big step… but there will be more on that next week.