Merry Christmas

I have four Christmas gatherings this week.  One two three four.  They make poorly conceived Rom-coms about such things.  And as I drive far and wide to these different parts of my life, I stumble upon something odd.  There is this pull to grumble.  This is not a real grumble, mind you.  I haven’t thought about the parties enough to have any real reasons to grumble.  But it is the noise I am hearing, and I wish to fall in line.  This is what I hear about in the streets and with the crowd.  I keep hearing different slants on the same story.  Christmas would be great if it wasn’t for all the family drama.  The obligations.  The get togethers.  

    And being in the current of negativity makes me want to chime in.  To add my own clever observation to the joke we are all sharing.   But as I sit here this night with a fire burning low I actually engage what is coming up.  As I walk up to people I haven’t seen all year, walk into houses for the first time this decade, and sleep on floors far from home, there is no grumbling to be had.  No.  Forget that noise.  

    Relationships matter.  The connections are life.  And family… well family is a gift.   People who give hugs and receive them.  People who are completely different in many ways, but have my back and are glad to see us.  I have no dumb joke to tell.  I am really thankful for this Christmas.  I am thankful for the parents, the inlaws, the stepcrew, and the bros.  

    The fire crackles, the children sleep in a city they do not understand.  I prepare for a season that is full of uncertainty.  Yet I know I am a wealthy man.  None of it is perfect.  But its a gift all the same.  I am theirs and they are mine.  And that makes it kinda beautiful.

    Merry Christmas party people.  And a happy new year.