Sacred Space

A few months ago I was praying about things.  There are many things to pray about when attempting to plant a church in a new city.  Leadership, teams, finances, influence, timetable… a lot to lay down at God’s feet.  

    Well, I was praying about some stuff, said my Amen, and was done.  The day was laid down, my heart was calm and centered, and my soul was full of love to give away on a day well lived.  But I sat there still with my eyes closed and head bowed.  Sometimes I do that.  Just stay a little longer and listen.  Just give room to be in that silence.  Honestly, that is important time.  And in that moment of silence, a picture came to my mind’s eye.

    It was the inside of a building.  It was a building I had been in before,  a place I knew.  It was empty, and I was in the space just looking at it.  And when I opened my eyes ], there was hope in my heart.

    You see, I have been praying about where we would meet as a people.  I had a couple ideas, but they were all forced.  None of them sang out loud.  They had no spark or shine on them.  But this place… I knew right away this was a holy whisper.  But I was scared.  This location couldn’t be available.  No way.  And even if it was, it would probably be crazy awful rent.  It seemed perfect.. too perfect.  I didn’t want to get my hopes up… so I chased it away.  

    Well, last Friday me and the elders of Flint City Church toured the building.  And it was more perfect than it was in my prayer.  There were places for the kids and the babies.  I stood where the word will be opened, and it was the right spot.  We talked with the powers that be, and it came in under the budget we set aside for rent.  

    I know where Flint City Church is going to meet.  God answered that prayer Friday.  That, and more.  I will share all things after the new year.  For now, seek God’s face and listen.  He still speaks.  He still leads.   And it is a great shadow to reside in.

-Ernesto Alaniz