Eating good food

     I like to eat.  I know this is pretty evident by my rotund nature, but it still bears repeating.  I like to eat.  And more than merely eating, I like eating with people.  And more than eating with people, I like eating with people at home. 

    Eating with people in your home is sharing life.  You are letting them into your domain, into that small sliver of space that you lay your head.  You are inviting them to be near your spouse and children.  And you are offering them the work of your own hands… food.  You are giving them that meal as an act of love and friendship.  You sit around a table and there is conversation.  You are sharing ideas, which are the building blocks of life.  

    Inviting and being invited is a real thing.  Walking through that door is a to let the world in.  And one of the works Angie and I have been called to in this life is to open our doors wide.  For the first time in a long time, we have a big table.  And since we heaved this table into this home there have been people around it.  There has been laughter and the running of children.  There is life and more life.  There is an extension of friendship, and sometimes there has been reception.  

    We do invite people we know and love.  That is awesome.  Friends and family are a gift to be drunk deeply.  But we are also inviting new people.  Cause as we invite this city into our home, we are inviting them into our Father’s house as well.  Around this table will sit addicts and judges, broken homes and honor roll kids, blacks, whites, latinos, and hopefully students from many nations.  And we will give them the best meals we got, and sit back in metal folding chairs, and see what God does as we live life among all God brings into our path.  

    So. Cook good food.  Eat good food.  And as you are cooking and eating, invite others to eat it next to you.  It is better with a brother… sweeter with a sister.  It is more messy… but I think its worth it.