Lip Throwers

“But others mocking said, ‘They are filled with new wine.’”  -Acts 2:13

    The promised Spirit finally comes.  Luke describes this as “cloven tongues of fire.”  it reminds me of the pillar of fire that Israel saw in the wilderness.  Perhaps it was that very thing; the visible glory of an invisible God.  

    Regardless, the Holy Spirit fills them up.  And they began to speak about what Christ had done.  And all the different races heard the message in their own language.  At this point, all the unbiased recognized that something amazing was happening.  They “were amazed and perplexed.”  They asked what it meant.  They had eyes that see.

    The other people… well, they mocked the disciples.  The word mocked is a greek word, “khlyoo-ad-zoo.”  This is a derivative of the word lip.  It literally means to “throw the lip.”  It basically means to talk trash.

    These people jeered, joked about, made fun of, quipped, made some stupid clever remark that their friends all thought was witty.  They saw a miracle and mocked it.  They had eyes, but did not see; ears but did not hear.  Their big joke was to say, “They are drunk with wine” (as if wine would teach you a foreign language!).  it is a ridiculous thing to say, but the crowd gobbled it up readily.  

    Now, I speak poorly of the mocker because I am one.  I hate this in myself.  Tearing down a sentence is much easier then putting one up.  The mocker can only pervert and attack what already exists.  The book of Proverbs calls this guy a scorner.  And he is not someone to be emulated.  He exists in that category of “fool” that wisdom warns us so loudly about.

    In this passage the mocker is revealed for who he truly is.  A coward, a pigheaded blind man who protects himself by tearing down the world around him.  I don’t want to be one of these.  Always clever, seldom true.  Mistaking wit for wisdom, timing for truthfulness.  I want to be able to see the miracle when it happens.  

    Lord, let me see you move.  Melt my heart of stone.  And shut my lips!

From Personal Journal

March 3rd, 2009