Ending Well

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.” -2 Timothy 4:7

Many of the most important parts of our lives are elements we have no power over.  Sure, we make choices.  We choose to act or not act.  We choose to live a healthy life or an unhealthy life.  We choose to forgive or become bitter.  But how these choices play out are not up to us.  We can be healthy and still get cancer.  We can love well and still be alone.  We can reach out to grab and pull back an empty hand. 

With that said, I have learned something important over my relatively short lifespan.  I have learned the importance of ending well.

This is true for every job, relationship, business transaction, or conversation you happen to find yourself in.  I recently sold something on Craigslist, and had the purchaser call me back with cursing and wild accusations.  I answered with calmness, kindness, and a complete lack of fear.  I offered to make all things right and to put an end to the relationship.  Sure, I was going to take a hit… but war was not worth the few dollars in question.  I ended the relationship and there is peace.   So when we run into one another in the future, there is no bad blood.  I did him a solid and that stands.  

This is true in life as well.  In our living and our dying.  In our leading and our loving.  In our ups and downs.  In our good times and bad.  Ending well... as unto the Lord, with clean hands, with clean hearts... babies don't sleep that good.

End well.  Don’t burn the world down.  Don’t go to war over nothing.  Don’t answer evil with evil.  Don’t gossip or backbite.  Do honor the Lord.  Do forgive.  Do the right thing.  End well.  I think if we end our seasons well, then maybe someday we will close our eyes and be able to end our lives the same way.

-Ernesto Alaniz