Overcoming Evil

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

    I have written three articles already, and have erased each one.  I lose my way, try to say too much, come too strong, and have revealed my ignorance to this keyboard many times today.  I, like many others, am speaking into the wall of noise that has descended since the Paris attacks.  Fears have stoked emotion, anger has emboldened words, and many things are flying around both in conversation and social media.  And at the end of it all, I just throw this one thing into the mix.

    If we choose to overcome evil with evil… well, then we lose.  If we become awful and hateful and murderous and uncompassionate, then those who bring death so freely have already won.  “Kill em all.”  “Muslims suck.”  These are words that have been said and read and written in the last few days. 

    As a follower and believer in Jesus, I don’t have to be ruled by fear.  I know that love can overcome evil.  That might isn’t right.  That one person loving another has real power in this world.  It can literally help people see God and give Him glory. 

    I don’t know how nation-states should respond.  I pray for our leaders as is our way.  But for us normal folk, let us not allow hate to make a bed in our hearts.  Let us not speak carelessly into the deafening madness.  Let us not allow ourselves to be radicalized by violent radicals.  There is a better way.  Let us overcome evil with love.  In what we say.  In what we write.  In what we share online.  We need not add to the darkness.  Let there be light.  Let there be love.  Let there be hope.  

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

-A fellow traveler on the way, Ernesto Alaniz