What's in a name?

This weekend I preached in Columbus at Leave a Mark Church.  Pastor Steve Combs is a close personal friend, and I looked forward to opening God's word and spending some time with a brother in arms.  While there, God moved.  I am always amazed that the foolishness of preaching can bring about such incredible change.  Last time I was there in Columbus, I talked about the nature of prayer and shared Angie and our struggle having a baby.  I am back this time, and a proud grandmother showed me the picture of her brand new grandbaby.  She told me, "When you preached last November, we changed the way we were praying.  We were thankful for what we had been given, but still prayed boldly for the desire of our hearts."  On top of that, many guests that had come either rededicated their lives to God, or called upon Jesus for the very first time.  I am amazed.

And in the midst of all that goodness, God had a special blessing for my family that I did not foresee.  Leave a Mark Church became the first church to publicly support the new work in Flint.  They are praying for the new work.  After every gathering, the brothers in Columbus laid hands upon me and prayed for the work in Flint.  I am so grateful to have this support and brotherhood.  It's like God is confirming the path at every turn. 

Not only that... but I think we have a name for the new work.  Flint City Church.  I think this tells everyone who we are and what we're doing.  We are a people for Jesus.  We are a people for Flint.  We move forward.    

Flint City Church.  

Yeah... I think it plays.