Dating Your Spouse

I am writing a book about how Angie and I met.  This is a crazy thing.  The adventures and stories almost don’t seem real.  I know when I publish this, people are going to say “no way.”  But as Angie and I have brought out old emails, her old journals, and mapped out the timeline, it all lines up.  Our memories are being brought back into focus as we walk the paths of a boy chasing a girl.  It is an uncanny experience, reliving the past and fact-checking our memory.

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The How of Self Publishing

    You wrote your book.  You had a professional editor help turn your bread knife into a blade.  You are rocking a cover that is as professional as any on the shelf at Barnes and Noble.  You are ready to get that book into the hands of the masses.  But how?  How do you get the book from your desk into their hands?  

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The What of Self-Publishing

If you have a story that you wish to tell, a book that you have already begun or finished, I would recommend you conisder the world of self-publishing.  But first, a warning.  When I say self publish, I am not talking about vanity presses.  There are companies out there that consider YOU, not your audience, as the customer.  They are trying to sell you bigger and bigger packages that could range from $5000 to $10,000 dollars.  Stay away from these guys.  There is no reason to pay that kind of money in the new world of self-publishing.

As a self-publisher all aspects of publishing fall to you.  Below I am going to talk about the different hats you are going to need to wear as a self-publisher.

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Why Self-Publishing?

 I have been asked by many why I am choosing to self-publish “Tree Farm Girl” as opposed seeking a more traditional publishing model.  And I am not just self-publishing this one, for there are many stories behind this that are waiting to be written.  I plan on self-publishing for the foreseeable future.  Why?  If you have a story that you have written, that you are trying to get out into the hands of readers, why should you consider self-publishing as a real alternative?

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Life Goal - Write a Book

    And now, right before my 37th birthday, I am going to bring one of my favorite stories into the world.  It is the story of how I met and then won Angie’s heart.  It is a story of bravery and boldness, foolishness and fear.  It is full of all the awkward missteps that make up any great love story, but also of incredible wisdom that was beyond our years.  

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