Safety Patrol

In school I was an outsider.  And I was looking for somewhere to belong.  I made some colossal first week mistakes that would haunt me my entire career, so I was looking for some way to get past all that.  That’s when the call went out for safety patrol.

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The Backpack

If you love people, then you are inviting complexity.  If you strive towards any goal, then you will meet resistance.  What do we do with all this weight?  With the burden of love, or responsibility, or failure?

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The Priority of a Healthy Life

What do I truly care about?

If you ask me that question, I would offer an inspirational answer. I would tell you that my relationship with God matters strongly. I would speak of my family, and my desire to share life with them. I would tell you about Flint City Church, and the joy that comes from walking with such great people.

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Fresh Bread

As 2019 began, I made a commitment.  In years past, rest was a ejector seat.  It was only when I saw stress cracks upon my soul that I made some kind of plan to stop running so hard.  That is not the life I wish to lead.  Being tired all the time is not some testament to the human spirit.  It is not bragging rights nor the goal of our days.  Rest is a gift that is given from on high, and it is meant to be received.  

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Water in the Basement

This weak winter brings much trouble into Alaniz HQ.  I was aware of a water problem in our basement.  I have been aware of it for 2 years.  It has been getting progressively worse.  After an all night rain I dreaded opening the basement door to see how big the puddle was.  But I endured it.  I have shoes right on the bottom step to walk through the standing water.  I have put all our stuff on shelves and bricks to get it above sea level.  I have managed my life around the problem with surprising patience.

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